Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 35 of 1001

Some days I feel like I am doing well with my list and other days I feel like I am slacking big time. So here we go with an update....

Post at least once a week (4/143)- I am actually doing good on this one and sometimes posting more than once a week.

Find 4 new blogs to follow (2/4) - There are two blogs I have found or have found me. One if the Green family ( I found them through Suzanne's blog and I have been praying for these girls as they are growing in the NICU. The other blog is Amanda Durham Jenkins ( This one actually found me today when I logged into blogger I had a icon saying I had a new follower. (Something that is new to me) and it was Amanda. Amanda and I are best friends who don't get to see each other or talk to each other much because she is in Cali. I am glad she has joined the blogging world so I can keep a better visual update of her and Mark and the babies.

Cooking & Baking (9)-
Try a new recipe every month (0/33)- I kinda have not done this but in a way I have... BJ made pork chops one night and I made homemade gravy without a recipe but from memory of how my mom made hers. It took some doctoring but turned out ok. I plan on trying a new recipe this week to make up for the lacking on one last week.

Start a Amish Friendship Bread Starter- I was able to get a starter from a sweet lady on freecycle!!! After my attempt failed.

Keep Amish Friendship Bread starter and bread going- I have actually been keeping two starts going so we always have bread at my house. It is nice to be able to make some for us and some to share!

Make homemade bread (other than friendship bread) 10 times (0/10)- I have not made any bread other than friendship bread yet but I have started my search for a Banana Nut Bread this morning. BJ mentioned this weekend that he wanted some (I did not know he liked it) so I thought it would be a good bread to give a try!

Education (4)-

Complete Orientation class with Columbia Southern University - I have completed my Orientation class (but I don't know how to draw a line through this one)

Us (10)-
Take a walk together once a month (0/33)- We did not go on a walk per say but we did enjoy a day together window shopping and enjoying each other.

Have a date night at least once a month (0/33)- Date nights are fun and I can't wait for the next one!

Leave encouraging notes at least every other week (0/71)- I have completely slacked on this one. I forgot it was on my list. But now I have looked over my list I will have to work harder on it!

Daily pray for my husband (35/1001)

Go on a trip together at least once a year even if it is a weekend trip (0/3)- Now that gas prices are going down we have talked about where we would like to go on a weekend trip. I am having fun looking for places to go.

Go to a Colts game in the new stadium- No we have not gone to a game yet but we considered buying tickets for the Colts Patriots game for this Sunday... But did not.

Have a movie night once a month (1/33) - We tend to have more of these then once a month but they are fun all the same.

Home (12)-

Finish unpacking boxes- I have not completely unpacked but I have cleaned out some boxes...

Do a good deep cleaning once a month (1/33) - This was done over two different day to get the various parts of the house but I did do it (Or should I say we because BJ is the vaccuum man)

Others (4)-
Send a thinking about you card once a month to a friend (0/33) - I slacked on this one two but I have barely missed the one month mark so I will have to pull out the cards tonight!

Reading (7)-
Read for pleasure daily (21/1001)- Reading for pleasure is harder then on one think.. School book is usually read before the pleasure books.

Go to a bookstore once a month (0/33)- I did miss this one by a couple of days but the plan is to go to Barnes and Nobles with Suzanne on Wednesday so I thought I could get away with a few days late.

Keep up with the books and discussions of our cousin’s book club - In order to do this one I would have to read the book (I know Ashley I know I should have read it by now...) But I can't get into the book...

Money (4)-
Continue in my coupon adventure and continue to get better with practice- I am actually getting better with this one. I am learning to work the sales and coupons to make the most of my money and pay as little out of pocket as possible. I do better at CVS then Walgreen's or Kroger. But I think for me to do better at Kroger I am going to have to start making a menu for each week.

Put up $5 for every 101 completed (Thanks, Ash for the idea!) (1/101)- I have one 101 done! Now I have to find a jar to start my collection!

Creative (5)-
Make Christmas Stockings- I have started on this... I will have to take a picture of our living room. I have all the boxes of material out and was on a pretty good roll a couple of weekends ago when BJ was working. I tend to do better on the Saturdays he is working. I have also ordered some Christmas fabric from online. Now I have to make a list and check it twice of everyone who I want to give stocking to this year.

Me (Not a long section but they are all for me) (5)-
Clean out my car once a week (3/143)- I tend to half way clean out my car and not give it full effort. I realized Saturday if I had been giving it full effort I would have found my wedding pictures on CD from Suzanne a while ago instead of just now!

I am getting there... slowly but surely!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Christmas Recipes & Week 2 Update

I have started gathering Christmas recipes to decide which one to add to our Christmas goodies baskets. Mom and I have decided to do a good bit of our baking the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving so I really have to get looking.

I failed on cleaning out my car this week. I went grocery shopping instead. Good trade right!

I made Amish Friendship Bread Friday night and Saturday and have enjoyed every bit of it. I am looking forward to making it again soon. I was able to share some with mom and the family. Winnie wants to make some for her small group so she will be at my house helping make some the first bread day after their Disney trip. I also brought some up to work to share. They guys gave me a hard time saying something must be wrong or about to be wrong since the boss was bringing food to work.

I did a little better on the reading for pleasure. I managed 6 out of 7 days. Some days I only read a little somedays a little more.

BJ and I also went out to eat on our date night. We went to Salsa's and Hobby Lobby. Sounds like a good date huh!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm excited!!! It's Bread Day!

I was able to get a start from a lady on Free cycle for the Amish Friendship Bread!!!!

So tonight I will be making bread. If anyone wants to come join in on the good hot bread fresh out of the oven you are more then welcome to come over.