Friday, July 3, 2009

Long time no update

This will be a much needed and overdue update.

I will do my best to update on everything that has been done since the beginning. I have not been keeping up with the everyday things.

101 things in 1001 days - I am trying to work on a countdown thing to be added to the blog so I know how much time is left but have been unsuccessful with it.

Blog (5)-
- Learn to change backgrounds, fonts, ect.- This is one I am slowly learning. I want to change my blog soon so I will have to work on this one.
- Learn how to link websites -
- Learn how to draw lines threw words- Done
- Post at least once a week (0/143)- I was doing good with this for a little while then had a couple of months were the blogging just was not coming. I will have to go back and count this up for the next update.
- Find 4 new blogs to follow (3/4) - i know I have started reading more then these three blogs but I can't remember which ones.
3. - A friend of mine from Texas just started a blog and I look forward to keeping in touch with her through her blog!

Cooking & Baking (9)-
- Try a new recipe every month (0/33)- This is not really one I am doing once a month... So I am going to change this one to 33 recipes before the 1001 days is up. I will pull the recipes I have done together and add them to the blog soon.
- Try two new Christmas goody recipes each year (2/6) - We added new recipes and I blogged about them on my other blog. I am looking forward to baking things this year.
- Learn to decorate cakes-
- Make a gingerbread house-
- Start a Amish Friendship Bread Starter- Done
- Keep Amish Friendship Bread starter and bread going- I don't know why I struggle so much with keeping my starter going. Thankfully mom has given me some starters a few times when I killed mine.
- Find MY cheesecake recipe -I have the recipes to try... But... I got some cream cheese marked down and froze it (after a little research) and then when I took some out the other day it did not thaw real well so I am still looking into this before I make one of the recipes.
- Make homemade bread (other than friendship bread) 10 times (1/10)- I have only made one so far and I am looking for more recipes so if you have one please share. I have made the Banana Nut Bread twice now for BJ.
- Make some homemade ice cream in our ice cream maker- DONE!
- Expand my cookbook collection (0/10) - I have gotten a few new cookbooks. I will try my best to pull them together and do I post on them soon.

Education (4)-
- Encourage BJ as he goes back and continues school- I can't decide to mark this one as complete or not... BJ did go back to school but decided to stop going back to school because he felt like it was not for him right now. He is thinking about his career path right now and deciding where he is suppose to go from here.
- Complete Orientation class with Columbia Southern University- Done
- Look into Financial Aid and Scholarships I can get with Columbia Southern-
- Completed the 12 classes needed for my Bachelor’s Degree (1/12) - I have completed one of the classes but am on a stand still financially right now. Guess I need to work on that financial aid!!!

Us (10)-
- Take a Us picture at least every other month (0/16)- I will have to look and see if this one is happening. BJ says he took enough pictures on our wedding day to last a while.
- Take a walk together once a month (10/33)- I enjoy the time I get to spend with my husband.
- Have a date night at least once a month (0/33)- I don't think we have had big going out date nights once a month. I know lately we have not wanted to spend the money on big and fancy things. Maybe we will this month since our anniversary is coming up!
- Go back to Rosswood Plantation- BJ keeps making me laugh because he keeps talking about when we go back. We have decided when we do go back it will have to be a cooler time of the year than July.
- Leave encouraging notes at least every other week (0/71)- Still not doing a good job on this one.
- Daily pray for my husband (0/1001)- I enjoy praying for my husband!
- Go on a trip together at least once a year even if it is a weekend trip (1/3)- This past weekend we went camping (in cabins because it was too hot!). It was nice to get away and I was thankful BJ was able to get off when I had to take my vacation. We are already thinking about where we can go on out next getaway.
- Try 5 restaurants we have never tried before (1/5)- We went to Ichiban for the first time thanks to BJ's mom's birthday. I was reminded how much I like hibachi grills and how I want one in my dream house!
- Go to a Colts game in the new stadium-
- Have a movie night once a month (10/33) - Thanks to Netflix we have really be having more then one movie night a month!

Home (12)-
- Plant trees and plants in front and backyard- This was a MAJOR project but it is done. I will have to do a post on that soon.
- Find my table and mirror for the foyer- Well I don't think this one is going to happen any time soon because we have put up a large 55 gallon fish tank in the foyer. So in a way I have the table just not the mirror.
- Make some sort of arrangement for the foyer table- Since I don't have a table I want to change this one to putting up some artwork in the foyer.
- Finish unpacking boxes- I have gotten closer on this one but not quite there.
- Have a wedding picture of us enlarged and framed- Well I have not had the picture enlarged but I did buy the frame from Photo Images at a great deal when they were selling all their stuff.
- Host at least 3 parties or get together (0/3)-
- Invite everyone from work over for a cookout-
- Refinish grandmother’s dresser with BJ-
- Organize closet – especially shoes!-
- Order various fragrant candles-
- Buy a rocking chair recliner-
- Do a good deep cleaning once a month (10/33) - This month we will hopefully do a good cleaning by taking out the rest of the carpet and finish putting down the rest of the wood floors.

Others (4)-
- Pay for the person behind me in the drive thru at least 3 times (0/3)-
- Participate in Christmas Angel Tree each year (1/3)- I enjoyed buying stuff for our Angel Tree baby this year and look forward to it again this year.
- Donate 50,000 grains of rice through (300/50,000)- I think I need to work on this one...
- Send a thinking about you card once a month to a friend (0/33) -Still have not done this. I will have to finish unpacking boxes so I can find all my cards.

Reading (7)-
- Read for pleasure daily (0/1001)- This has not been occurring every day like I would like it to, but I have started getting books on CD from the library so I can "read" while I am driving everywhere
- Read 5 of the 9 Nicholas Sparks books I have not read yet (includes The Lucky One, The Choice, The Notebook, The Rescue, A Bend in the Road, Night in Rodanthe, The Guardian, Three Weeks w/ My Brother, True Believer, and At First Sight) (1/5)- I just recently finished True Believer. I will have to see if the library has any more of his books on CD.
- Go to a bookstore once a month (10/33)- I enjoy my trips to the bookstore. There are some days where I want to just look and not come out.
- Read 2 non-fiction books (0/2)-
- Read a Karen Kingsburg series- - I finished Karen's Redemption series and have started on the Fame series which is the second in three series that happen around the same people in the same town.
- Read 1 biography (0/1)-
- Keep up with the books and discussions of our cousin’s book club - I think our book club has died.

Money (4)-
- Continue in my coupon adventure and continue to get better with practice - This is an ongoing project.
- Put up $5 for every 101 completed (Thanks, Ash for the idea!) (0/101)- I need to count up and see how many things I have done and then stick this money up.
- Save up two to three months of living expenses -
- Pay off all credit cards and open accounts - Some have been paid off while we have opened some more... two steps forward one step back...

Creative (5)-
- Finish printing out our wedding pictures and put them into photo albums (yes I said albums because I have A LOT!)-
- Work/Learn how to make Cathedral pillows and Quilt-
- Make Christmas Stockings- I enjoyed making Christmas stockings this past year and look forward to doing it again this year. This is a link to the post on my other blog with pictures of some of the stockings.
- Make a quilt for our bed-
- Make a t-shirt memory quilt

Christmas (8)-
- Send out Christmas Cards- I did not get Christmas cards off last year but plan to do that this year.
- Buy at least one special ornament each Christmas (1/3)- I had several new "special" ornaments on the tree this year. See post listed below with the Larger Tree for details. Some include our first Christmas ornament as well as a couple from our honeymoon at Rosswood.
- Buy Larger Tree -
- Go see the Canton Christmas lights -
- Watch Banana in the Nutcracker -
- Decorate Mantel- This is the project for this year.
- Make a wreath for the front door -
- Go to Mistletoe Marketplace - I was not impressed with Mistletoe but maybe I need to go with people that know how to shop Mistletoe.

Travel, Places, or Things (12)-
- Go to the D Day Museum in New Orleans-
- Go see at least 5 covered bridges I have not seen (0/5)-
- Visit at least 5 historic places in Mississippi (0/5)-
- Visit at least 8 historic places outside of Mississippi (0/8)-
- Take a weekend trip to Tennessee-
- Take a trip to Texas-
- Take a train somewhere-
- Visit the MS Museum of Arts-
- Go to a Pilgrimage-
- Research 3 places to go on vacation the BJ & I have not gone (0/3)-
- Go on one of these vacations-
- Visit BJ’s cousin in Chicago-

Me (Not a long section but they are all for me) (5)-
- Manicure at least 3 times (0/3)-
- Pedicure at least 3 times (0/3)-
- Day at a Spa including a Facial and Message-
- Clean out my car once a week (0/143)-
- Vote in the November 2008 election

Photography (10)-
- Learn to use four features on my camera that I have not used before (0/4)-
- Matte/frame five of my photos from my Hinds photo class projects (0/5)-
- Take pictures of all us kinds to update dad’s kids photos at work-
- Go on 6 photo taking trips (0/6)-
- Learn to do after shot touchups and effects to photos- I have been working with Photoshop at work but I am not going to say I have master this one yet.
- Take another photography class-
- Scan old photos onto the computer- I am headed over to mom's house as soon as I post this to pick up her scanner to start working on this.
- Backup said pictures to CD-
- Send 10 CDs to friends and family (0/10)-
- Load photos onto my digital photo frame

- By March 2009 - I wanted to have a girls night out with mom and my sisters to go see Banana in Beauty and the Beast. We were able to pull this off!!!
- By September 2009-
- By March 2010-
- By September 2010-
- By March 2011