Friday, March 25, 2011

# 29 Donate Rice

Just got through donating 1,000 more pieces of right at Free Rice. I found today that you can work on more than vocabulary but art, math, and other things as well.

3,000 pieces of rice donated, 17,000 to go!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update: Creative

Not much new here...

46. Go to an Easily Amused class w/mom

47. Learn to make a cathedral pillow and quilt - Mom actually went and learned this from grandmommie so I now have two people who can show me how to do this

48. Make a t-shirt memory quilt - I have started a box of all my t-shirts for this. I think I can make a quilt from choir tour t-shirts alone so I might need two quilts!

49. Take a pottery class

50. Make a wreath or arrangement for each season

Update: Money

Yeah I think I'm pretty much gonna skip over this one... NO UPDATE!

Update: Reading & Entertainment (Movies)

I'm doing pretty good in this group... I went to the Mobile Library and am thankful to get a library card even though my drivers license is still Mississippi! So with this I have been able to get several books on tape (gotta love putting car riding time to good use!) and they have a HUGE selection of movies... Down side to the movies they are $1 but you get them for a week. I think I'll have to write this into my budget ;-)

32. Buy classic Disney movies - I have not bought any yet but Bambi was just released from the vault so I want to get it!

33. Read for pleasure once a week... Now that I have books on CD I'm "reading" everyday!

34. Read 4 unread Nicholas Sparks books - I actually bought his newest one. Started to read it then got too busy. This is one of the books I have on CD from the library so I'll get it "read" now!

35. Go to bookstore for pleasure at least every other month - I'm not impressed with the bookstore they have here in Mobile in the mall :-(

36. Read non-fiction books - see next one

37. Read biography - I'm currently reading a book by Steven Curtis Chapman's wife and I'm not sure yet where it will fall into place...

38. Finish Redemption/First Born/Sunrise series by Karen Kingsbury - I am on the Sunrise series, currently listening to the second of the four books.

39. Go to a drive-thru/in movie - I need to see where they have these if any close by

40. Watch 26 movies - I have put out a list a while back but need to update it. I should just pick one out from each letter from the library over the next couple of weeks to finish this one up!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Home - Update

I am now living in a condo with my best friend Carrie. We are working on getting settled. I still have boxes to go through but it is a work in progress.

22. Cross Wall - I have not really started collecting crosses yet but I have unpacked one of the ones I had already bought.

23. Order/buy various fragrant candles - I haven't bought any (well I did buy one cinnamon roll candle that smell oh so yummy!) but I did get several candles for Christmas!

24. Go through boxes and throw out or repack for storage - I had a major go through and throw away time as I was packing things up to come to Mobile. I still have more boxes to go but I am getting there. Less is more is what I tell myself as I go through all the boxes.

25. Rent out or sell house - This one probably deserves its own post! I put my house on the market over the Thanksgiving holidays. Mid January it had only been shown once and Lisa (a friends of my sisters who was renting a room out) sent me a message saying she needed to move back in with her mom. I was already struggling to get the house paid for and now Lisa's 1/3 was gonna be gone. So I started the search to rent it out. I had one couple who was going to move in and sign the lease on Feb 1st (which was a Tuesday). The Saturday before they backed out. I had two other girls who were interested and the day before I was suppose to drive up and show them the house and get a lease signed they backed out. So I sent my friend Lauren a text to see if she knew anyone and joked that it had a great backyard for rescued pets (Lauren has a heart for animals.) It just so happened that their lease on their apartment was up at the end of the month and they had just renewed, but were able to get out of it because it was the middle of Feb so the new renewed lease had not started officially. I would have never thought in a million years when I sent that message to Lauren that she would be moving in but I am so thankful that she loves my house and the timing all fell in perfectly. So the house is now rented with a year lease to someone I trust!

26. Buy flowers for the house once a week for 2 months - no update

Education - Update

This one has been a challenge working with CSU. I sent an e-mail back to one of the ladies helping me telling her she was the most helpful person I had yet. She was always very quick to help me with my questions.

19. File for financial aid. - I have filed and after much crazy back and forth and forms I am waiting to hear back from the FA office to see what my budget will be.

20. Complete needed classes to complete Bachelors degree - This one has not been started... waiting on FA... But the company I am currently temp to perm working for has tuition reimbursement!!!!!

21. Look into Masters programs - I have thought about this one and have look into both the Business Administration Masters program as well as the Accounting Masters. This will get more thought as I get closer to my Bachelors but it is something I am starting to think about. Who knows I might just get both!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update: Cooking & Baking Section

Not much to update in the area. With my current crazy schedule I don't spend much time in the kitchen. I have gotten to where I eat salads for a late dinner after work cause its something light and not junk.
8. Try new recipes - I tried a friends taco soup recipe. I don't have the recipe on me so I will try to post later.
9. Decorate cakes - no update

10. Make a gingerbread house - no update

11. Make homemade bread - I have made some homemade cinnamon rolls if that counts ;-) ... I do have some recipes that I might try this weekend. I need to find some recipes for my bread machine.

12. Expand cookbook collection - This happened over Christmas with two Christmas presents. I'll have to get the names of them... Currently drawing a blank. Mom gave me one with recipes and stories to go with them and Rachel got me the $5 Dinner cookbook (which I still haven't seen cause mom kidnapped it when it came in UPS to her house)

13. Cook 1 recipe from each new cookbook - no update

14. Keep Amish Bread going for 2 months - I am actually surprising myself right now cause I have my starter going and haven't killed it yet!

15. Make the perfect salsa - I have bought the stuff to make Pioneer Woman's salsa after being inspired by this post from Emily ... This might be something I make this weekend... or I might just sleep!

16. Make cookies with mom - no update

17. Have a candle light dinner - no update

18. Make fudge - no update

Update - Blog Section


1. Start a new blog

2. Comment on others blogs weekly - I love reading blogs! I have commented on others but I'm not so sure if its weekly. I tend to read them on my iphone and its harder to comment from it.

3. Learn to change backgrounds, font, ect and feel comfortable doing it - no update

4. Post weekly - Yeah this one is a fail! I would say I will do better but then that is setting me up
to fail again so we will just see how things so

5. Find 4 new blogs to follow - I have started following two blogs of really good friends.

Lauren just started her blog. She has been through a lot and has overcome even more. She is at 7 months sober and I am so proud of her! Love you girl!

Kimmie is an awesome person! She has overcome two brain surgeries and has a beautiful baby girl that is a miracle baby. She also paints faces beautifully.

6. Upload recipes monthly to recipe blog - Mom is actually doing a better job of this then me.

7. Get recipes from family for blog - I e-mailed the family today. So we shall see what I hear back from them.