Sunday, May 22, 2011

# 81, 83 & 85 update

# 81 - change purses - I've actually done good with this one. I've changed purses a few times. These are three I've used recently... Small red purse, yellow purse (borrowed/swapped with momma Dara), and my newest purse a coral purse bought from new york & company for a bargain at $10!! (3/10)
#83 - I went and got a much needed pedicure. It was a really good pedicure... Some places will just do the bare minimum, but with this $20 pedicure I got a really good lower leg and foot massage. (1/3)
#85 - massages... I like my massages. I joined a spa membership and finally found one of their staff who actually gave really good massages! (8/20 - done - I did drop my membership to save on this monthly expense so I won't be getting massages as often)

#70 - musical - bye bye birdie

70. Go to a musical production

We love you Conrad Oh yes we do We love you Conrad And will be true When you're not near us We're blue Oh, Conrad, we love you We love you Conrad! We love you Conrad!
This played in my head for weeks after going to see dad and Winnie perform in bye bye birdie.

Josh and D'Lynn were stage crew.

The big girls made a trip home and went to watch bye bye birdie at black rose theater with mom and Caleb.

No pictures of the play itself but here is our one shot family photo taken by one of the kids in the play. (we normally take few photos in hopes of a good picture.)

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#63 - Florida beach

69. Trip to Florida beaches
In October (yes, I'm a little late in blogging), Ashley and I headed to Florida for a beach wedding. It was a beautiful wedding... We enjoyed getting away and putting our feet in the sand and water. (and ash enjoyed the watermelon at the reception and her benedryl that followed walking in the door to the reception)