Wednesday, February 29, 2012

9. Decorate cakes - D'Lynn Birthday Cake

9. Decorate cakes (1/2)

D'Lynn Grace (my baby sister) is WAY into Penguins!!! So for her 14th birthday I wanted to make a special cake.

I started the look online and found a couple different site and used all their suggestions to make one perfect penguin for my DG.

 I took a 3D bear cake a did a little cake plastic surgery / make over!
It was a long work in progress (my hand told me I worked hard for days) but fun to keep D'Lynn guessing about the cake since I cut off the ears (which ended up being the feet.)

Happy Birthday my baby girl! (her birthday and cake were in November, I'm late in posting the photos.)

21. Look into Masters programs

21. Look into Masters programs

With my classes to complete my Bachelor degree in Business Administration coming to a close, I have been looking into Masters programs.

My first thought was to get a Bachelors degree in Health Care Administration, then go from there to get a Masters. BUT, my student advisor told me that I would not have to get a Bachelor degree in Health Care Administration before doing my Masters.

I was told I could get my Bachelor degree in 30 hours or my Master degree in 37 hours. And the tuition is a little higher for the Master classes. But for a difference of $3000 I will have my MASTERS!!!!

Super exciting!!!

The current plan, I will be enrolling in the Masters program in 10 or so weeks!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

#20 - Bachelors degree

I am now two classes closer to my Bachelors degree (8/11).

I just finished Finacial Management and Business Strategy and Policy today.

This leaves me with three class. I will be taking Business Ethics, and two elective classes - Health Care Law and Budgeting in Health Care.

I plan on enrolling in them as soon as possible (tomorrow). They are 10 week self study classes that can be completed in a minimum of 3 weeks.

My goal is to have my Bachelor degree classes completed by the end of March.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

# 40 - 26 new to be alphabet of movies

I never thought it would be so hard to find a movie that begins with the letter V that I have not seen before. It is the last letter on my list of movies and then this one will be complete!

26 movies I have not seen starting with different letters of the alphabet.

a - Avatar
b - Bounty Hunter
c - Crimes of Fashion
d - Date Night
e - Extraordinary Measures
f - Flicka 2
g - Gifted Hands : The Ben Carson Story
h - Hachi - A Dogs Tale
i - The Inheritance
j - Just Wright
k - Killers
l - Letters to Juliet
m - Morning Glory
n - Nancy Drew
o - On an Island with You
p - Pure Country 2 : The Gift
q - Quigley Down Under
r - Red
s - The Switch
t - Toy Story 3
u - Unknown
w - What If
x - X-Men : First Class
y - Yogi Bear
z - Zookeeper