Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Gift for mom! - Pinterest Idea #99

Pinterest Projects / Ideas 4/15
Who doesn't just love Pinterest! It is one of my favorite places for ideas and to procrastinate!
Several months ago my mom pinned this picture of a scrabble decoration idea.
Idea from Pinterest
When I saw mom's pin I knew exactly what I wanted to do for her birthday. I just didn't know where to start. My handy man dad was 200 miles away in Jackson but I knew we could attempt to pull this off.
Caleb's name all stenciled out
 I sent him a pictures and told him I knew what I wanted to make mom for her birthday. And thus began the fun task of designing and making mom's present.
My name all stenciled out
 Dad put together a couple possible layouts and e-mailed them to the "big girls" for our thoughts.

All stenciled out and layed out in order
Dad cut out all the blocks and sent them with sanding supplies down to Mobile with Ashley when she made on of her trips home.

Sanding out the blocks before painting
Dad will build and make just about anything... But he doesn't paint. That is where my job in making mom's gift came into play. 
Not sure why this one posted upside down... All painted in
All blocks got the letters stenciled on, then they were sanded before I started painting them.

Painted letters and numbered
 Each block got lots of love and two coats of paint for the letters.
Hand painting all the letters

I was a little worried about the numbers but I free handed them and sent the following picture to dad for approval!

Free-styled the numbers on each block

I came home the weekend of mom's birthday for a visit. Operation put together mom's present in the garage, keep it a secret, and hidden began! Dad had some old peg board he used as the base to glue all the letters on.
Getting glued together
 Once it was all together came the big reveal. We thought about waiting for mom's birthday for her to get the present but her birthday was on Monday and I was leaving on Sunday and really wanted to see her reaction so we decided to give it to her on Saturday once it was all dry.
Seeing it for the first time
 I wish I would have gotten a video of mom's reaction. It was one of the best things I have watched ever. It was a nice long aww with a squeal involved and of course happy tears! She was completely shocked and excited about the gift!
Insert squeal here!
 Funny side note: Caleb was upset by how many points was in Joshua's name and that he was the scrabble name winner!
Hanging up for the Birthday Surprise
I don't think many people realized just how big the scrabble name gift is in "real life". Here dad is hanging it up in its official home.
It's official home... And size comparison
Happy Birthday Mom! I love you soooo much! Glad we were able to surprise you with your WORDS WITH FAMILY.
You can read mom's blog post about here gift here.

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