Wednesday, February 20, 2013

45. Pay off car early - Complete

45. Pay off car early
The day I bought my car in 2008
This one happened not quite as planned, I had the money in hand to pay off my car early when making my January payment. My car would be officially paid off, if making the payments, in May of this year. So I was excited about paying off my car early!
Day of the Wreck
But on January 14th, plans changed on how I would paying off my car. I got a phone call from Ashley saying she had been in a wreck. A guy in an SUV didn't slow down enough when getting off at an exit and rear ended her.
Day of the Wreck
He not only rear ended her but started a total of a 4 car wreck! Ashley ended up getting hit twice by the guy, the initial impact which sent her into the car in front of her then she rolled back some when the guy hit her again.
Day of the Wreck
 Thankfully Ashley wasn't majorly hurt, she had no broken bone but did have a bad concussion with horrible headaches which left her out of work for a week. She has been cleared to go back to work but is still waiting to be completely medically cleared.
The next several pictures are from the day after the wreck.
My car was totalled in the wreck and paid off by the insurance company. So although I didn't get to pay it off early as I had planned on January 20th, Mr. SUV totalled my car and paid it off even earlier on the 14th of January.
Day I bought the car

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Red Velvet Cake Balls

8. New Recipe 17/20

I first saw this recipe on Kelly's Recipe blog and knew I wanted to try it one day.
The players....
One box Red Velvet Cake mix (can also make with any other flavor cake mix)
and everything else needed to make the cake
One container of icing (I used cream cheese icing)

 Almond Bark (you can use any type of chocolate for coating as long as it is not milk chocolate.. It won't harden up)

First off... I love my kitchen aid mixer
Secondly, I love watching the brown cake mix turn to a pretty red!
Pour into 9x13 pan
Bake cake as instructed on the box
Break up the cooled cake
Add in the container of icing
Mix the cake and icing together until smooth and all combined
Roll the cake and icing mixture into balls, I find it helpful to place in the freezer for a short time before dipping into the almond bark.
Drop into melted almond bark, follow the packaging to melt the almond bark or chocolate, I usually add some Crisco to help the chocolate get to a smooth state
Make sure the cake ball is completely covered, I use a fork to allow the chocolate to drip off
Place on parchment paper for the almond bark to harden
LOTS of cake balls are made from the recipe

Friday, February 1, 2013

Kelly's Korner - Show Us Your Singles - Ashley

Welcome from Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Singles!


Today I am sharing about my sister Ashley! She is my best friend and harmonizing road trip sing-a-long sister.

Ashley (left) and me

Quick info:
* 25
* Born and raised in the south
* Recruiter for the local ship yards
* Single
* Well mannered dog named Coach

Ashley and Coach

Things you should know:

* Ashley loves Jesus. We were raised in the Southern Baptist church. While Ashley became a Christian at a young age I have seen her relationship with Him grow more and more!

* Ashley has a love for our family and her friends. Family and friends are a blessing!!! We are a big loving family and would love to invite someone into the family who would love Ashley just as much as we do!

Our family

* Ashley has a love for history, museums, the beach, reading, being with my friends and family, anything outdoors.

* Ashley loves old movies and music, we were raised on them.

Us at Disney 2010

* Ashley absolutely adores anything and everything Disney, more so since she previously worked there.

Us at Disney 2010

What Ashley is looking for:

* A Christian man. Ashley believes that the man should be the leader in the relationship, especially spiritually.

* Ashley likes to go out, explore, be adventurous but she is also perfectly comfortable with spending time at home.

* Ashley is looking for someone who is family and faith oriented as well, with long term goals and aspirations.

* Ashley wants to be with someone where each of your individual interests are encouraged while finding interests that the two of you can share in common.

* A plus on my list for Ashley ... A Southern gentleman, meaning opening car doors and has manners!

If you're interested or know someone who you think would be, feel free to leave a comment and I'll pass the information along to Ashley! Or you can e-mail me heathermichelle1984 @ gmail . com (without the spaces)