Friday, January 31, 2014

92. Homemade Christmas Present - Photo on wood

92. Homemade Christmas Presents

I wanted to show you how I made another one of our homemade Christmas presents we gave this year. I had seen two different ideas on Pinterest... Here and Here on how to mount a photo onto wood and I wanted to give it a try. I made the first one for me and Colin then we decided to make more for presents.

What will you need for this project: 
I made 12x16 boards... When I headed to Lowe's I picked out a 4 ft x 8 ft piece of plywood. The guys at Lowe's cut the board down for me which worked perfectly into 24 - 12x16 pieces! Which means no wasted board! Price wise I think the piece of plywood was around 10 give or take a dollar or two either way but we will say each board cost .50 each!

I got this photo printed at SAM's for $2.96 for the 12x16 photo!

You will need Mod Podge glue... I got this bottle at Michael's and used a coupon so it only cost me about $5. For pricing... we will say you will need about $.25 worth of glue (at my discounted coupon used price!)

You will also need paint for the edges of the boards. Michael's sells these guys for $1-2 a piece depending on which type you buy. For pricing purposes we shall say $.10 for each photo!

Almost forgot sandpaper in my pricing list... I bought a pack of sandpaper for about $4. The pack had about 5 sheets and I used less than 1/4 of sheet on each board! So $.15 on sandpaper for the project!

Now for your instructions! Note --- You will need to allow time for this project because there are several times you have to wait for glue or paint to dry!

Sand down the edges of the boards. 

Paint the edges of the boards. For this photo I used gray... But I also did some in blue and brown... Just get a color that matches your photo. You can also paint one side of the board (the back) but I decided not to waste the time or paint. Make sure you get a little paint on the edge you will put the photo, just in case you photo is short...

After your paint is dry it is time to glue... Put your mod podge glue in a nice thick layer on the entire board... Since it would take forever dipping my sponge brush into the glue container I just pored out the glue...

Spread the glue until the entire board is covered...

Next, place the photo on the board and smooth flat. I trimmed the photo down, prior to gluing it down, by cutting the white edge left by the photo processing, but don't worry the photo doesn't have to fit the board perfectly. 

Once the glue is dry, sand the edges of the photo down...

Your edges will look like this after you sand the photo down...

Now place another layer of glue on top of the photos and make sure you also cover the edges of the photo as well!

Let dry and hang on wall!

Here is round one of Christmas presents that were made this year!

(The cheapest place I could find to have these made was almost $30 plus shipping if I was to order them.)

Price breakdown for making it yourself.... 
Board - .50
Photo - 3.00
Glue - .25
Paint - .10
Sand paper - .15
Grand total - $4 and some time to make some great homemade presents that were a huge hit for family and friends!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

25. Make homemade vanilla

25. Make Homemade Vanilla

92. Make homemade Christmas gifts

This one actually covers two things on the list!

Beanilla Madagascar Vanilla Beans

I have always wanted to make some homemade vanilla extract. Colin and I decided we would not only make some for us but for our families for Christmas presents.

Making the Vanilla

We bought our Madagascar Vanilla Beans online from a site call Beanilla.

Middle of the sitting time

Late September we started the process... It was super easy, cut the beans, put them in jars, add alcohol, and sit and wait! You can find a recipe here.

All ready
 After it was all ready, right at Christmas time, we started looking for the right bottles for the vanilla extract.

We found these tear drop bottles at Save On Crafts website. They have the best prices!

I wanted to etch the bottles... I used these stencils to guide me in the process...

I used this armour etch stuff... The consistency of glue but not sticky!

And then I waited... Seems to be the theme of this process... The etch stuff has to sit on the bottles for 5-10 minutes... Then I would rinse and repeat on the next bottle!

We wanted a special note on the bottles so I put this on the back...

Then the bottles were all done...

Well not completely done... But the etching and message was done!

It was time for the vanilla extract to go into the bottles!

They turned out so cute... and the vanilla extract has a great vanilla flavor!

These were all given to our family for Christmas and I think they were a big hit!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

6. Buy a sewing machine

6. Buy a sewing machine

For Christmas I got this awesome sewing machine...

It's a Brothers SB3129... It not only does basic sewing but it is also a quilting machine!!!

I've started a few projects so be looking for more photos soon!