Thursday, March 13, 2014

84. Walk/run a race - Complete

** This post was originally from our Adventures blog... You can see it here! But I wanted to re-post it here for record keeping!** 

84. Run/Walk a race

Back in September my parents mentioned they would be walking in the Hearts of Compassion 5K with their church. They asked if we wanted to join them.

Colin and I have never done a 5K before, but on the morning of November the 2nd we got up bright and early to start the adventure of our first 5K!

We had started, around mid September, walking the 5K distance about once a week at the gym to get ready for this 5K. We had only done the distance in a gym on a track so we weren't sure how we would do on an outside course.

Part of my family would be joining us, my dad would run the course, my mom would be doing her speed walking, and my sister Rachel would be walking with us.

We started the 5K at the back of the group. Shortly after we started walking it started to rain, and I started looking for the rainbow... And found it behind us!

The first mile was fairly easy with a nice long steady downhill area. We made great timing!

And we kept walking and pushing the course...

Til we hit the 2 mile marker... This is when the course started getting fun... There was an area where the concrete had sunk in so it was a fight for Colin to push through... Add to the mix the morning showers and Colin was sliding down a few spots! And this is where we had to go UP hill to make up for our nice downhill mile!

But he did great and we made it to the last mile (which wasn't marked) but we could see the finish line ahead of us!

Dad had finished WAY ahead of us, and mom just a little ahead of us (we could see her ahead of us when we got a good view ahead of us)... 

so they came back to finish the 5K with us as a team!

We crossed the finish line of our first 5K!!!!

And we finished WAY ahead of our training times of 56-58 minutes (which are around 18 minute miles). We finished just over 52 minutes (which is just under 17 minute miles).

Our official time shows 53 minutes... But we started a minute after the starting group! I'll still take the official time of 53 minutes because it is an awesome finish time for our first 5K AND under our "training" times.

Photo after the 5K! I am so proud of Colin for joining me in my wanting to complete a 5K... While at times we both thought we were crazy and couldn't do it, we finished and finished strong!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

55. Take a trip to Texas - Complete

55. Take a trip to Texas (preferably during bluebonnet season)

While I didn't go during bluebonnet season Colin and I did make a trip to Texas this past November for some concerts and to celebrate his birthday. You can read it in more detail here and here...

But some highlights... We met Matt and Gentrie ... A couple that get it!

We toured the Cowboys AT&T Stadium.

Toured the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (where they print dollar bills.)

Went to a Pearl Jam concert!

Visited Reunion tower...

And had a fun dessert in their cafe!

Classic souvenir photo

We went to the six floor museum (no photos are allowed) and came out to see the tower had switched to red white and blue marking JFK's death anniversary.

And we finished the trip with a P!nk concert.