Wednesday, January 13, 2016

46. NFL Game - Saints Game

46. Go to an NFL game

On Monday November 24, 2014, we got on our Saints clothes and headed into NOLA for the Ravens vs Saints game.

We had to go extra early. You see getting accessible seats for the Saints game is an interesting challenge. You have to buy any tickets and then the day of the game you have to wait in line to try (and I seriously mean TRY) to exchange them for accessible seats. They can't guarantee you seats.

Colin was able to finally find a nice lady in the ticket office who told us to make sure we get into her line when we came to exchange tickets and she would "see what she could do for us". She did great!

After we waited in line for an hour, and got our tickets exchanged for accessible seats on the plaza we ended up on the 100 level right on the 50 yard line!

We are one happy couple! (This was at halftime.)

Even though the Saints lost 34-27 we still had a good time and were excited we got to go to the game!

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